About Me

Random Facts About Me :) 

1. I am the oldest of 3 kids

2. I don't remember most of my childhood, really I have know idea why

3. I hate coffee, only drink hot tea. My faves are blackberry sage, lavender, and mint.

4. I have 5 kids, I pray daily for more {so do my kids and my hubby}

5. My sister lives in CA, my best friend lives in WA....I live in the middle :(

6. I love to scrapbook. Mostly for the creative outlet, but also to save memories so my kids wont forget their childhood.

7. I can't sing, not at all... but I love to, so don't stand in front of me during worship

8. I never thought that I would be a pastor's wife, and often wonder if I am really made for this

9. I used to be completely unorganized, now I love to organize things

10.  I went to Culinary Arts School and I love to cook {most of the time ;) }

11. um wow this is hard..... I love Thai and Mexican foods

12. I had a pet hamster when I was about 12. While I was away at summer camp {I think..} my sister told my mom, " I think Jasper is Dead" "why?" *shaking the hamster by the foot in the air...* " it's not moving" POOR hamster

13. I own 2 guitars, I can't play them... wish I could. But since I can't sing, why should I play the guitar? One is Pink.

15. How many of these do I need to do? Math was my worst subject in school. 

16. I skipped school a LOT....maybe that's why I was bad in math???

17. I LOVE to decorate! I often rearrange my decor at home.

18. ages 12-18 were very bad for me. But looking back I can see God's hand in my life, it really should have turned out much worse. Christ protected me, even while I was running from him.

19. I know that Christ loves me and has saved me, but I often wonder why?

20. Are you sick of me yet, I'm sure this is more than you wanted to know...... I collect birds

21. Frank and I were married twice........ Okay only once but we had two ceremonies. We were married on my parent's front porch with just a few friends and family, So I could get on franks air force papers before it was too late. We had already paid for the big wedding, so we still had it 3 months later.

22. My favorite color is pink, but I hated pink until after I had my first daughter. I also really love

23. I am addicted to: NCIS and Bones

24. I love to read and often get sad when a really good book ends

25. I want to learn to sew, I can quilt on a sewing machine but I can't really sew. 

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