What we are currently using....

Language Arts:
Simply Grammar{about 3rd} nice introduction into grammar, kids learn much more than they realize, making transition in to "harder" program very smooth. Used for a 5 grader and a 2/3rd grader
Spelling Power{all grades}  one program can be used 2 grade - adult! great program. 
Writing With Ease Just starting, looks very comprehensive and easy to work with. 
Abeka Phonics{grades 1st-3rd} Great for beginning phonics.
Wordly Wise{grades 1st & up}  for vocabulary. Can not say enough great stuff about this program! I start it in 2nd grade and do not use the teacher books, if you would like to use kinder/1st grade you must buy the teacher book. This book also has a great interactive website, where kids can easily look up there book/lesson # and HEAR the word pronounced, the meanings, and play games with their words. The book is set up to do one lesson every two weeks, but we do one a week. My 8 yr old is doing book 2, my 9yr old book 5, and my 12 yr old book 7. 
Mega Words Older kids phonics. This book starts at 4th grade with book 1. We use it for "phonics" in older grades. Teaches reading, spelling, and contextual use of multisyllabic words. Within each book, words are presented in lists arranged by word structure and spelling pattern. 
Samsom's Classroom{1st-3rd} I use this for my girls with dyslexia as a sight words program. My 8yr old son also use this (he uses all three catergories: sight words, spelling, and reading) The kids all enjoy it, and I am seeing improvement in their reading. 

History/Social Studies:
Mystery of History
A Christian Classical History course, we are going through the first year which is Creation through resurrection. Works well along side Story of the World. 

Horizons {grades 1-3} a workbook format for my younger kids, very colorful {grades 4 & up} one of my favorite curriculum! It is web based and self led. The program gives the kids a comprehensive knowledge test and then creates a personalized learning program for their current level of mastery, allows them to have a choice on what to master next, and gives them choices that well build perfectly on their current understanding. Couldn't recommend this program enough! Works best with confident readers. 

Apologia {astronomy} 
This is our "family" science, it is presented in a way that different grades can learn together and do grade appropriate assignments. 

Comprehensive:  {as extra practice in all core subjects} 
I use this for my 3 "normal" learners as extra fun work when they have free time. 

For Learning Disabilities: {as a full curriculum for dyslexia and APD} 
The format that this curriculum is presented in works really well with APD if used with noise canceling headphones. I still back up their math and language arts with paper work

Have a few things on my "try" list for next year.....

Math: switching to Teaching Textbooks, Aleks is a GREAT program, but I can't get my oldest to use a pencil and paper....which aides in the memory process. So she will be trying teaching text books, sigh. Not sure about my son yet....I love aleks, so he may start there. 

History: History Pockets. Have to do US history next year with the boys, so we are going to be trying history pockets for them. They both love art, so I am hoping this will keep there attention.  My older son (4th grade) will also be using Calvert's A Child's Study of Famous Americans and possibly Calvert's Oregon State History {state history is a requirement for 4th grade} 
My oldest will be in 7th grade and will have a whole new Social Studies {much to her horror} She will be doing Omnibus (with her dad, NOT me!) This covers History, Theology and Classic Literature. She will also be doing Middle School Economics  and Calvert's Civics for Middle Schoolers 

Character Study: The Pilgrim's Progress all in one study.  Looks like a great multi grade study based on the Classic book. 

Science: My oldest will be doing Apologia's general science 7th grade book, the kit . Also thinking about getting Body by Design as a secondary book for her. 

SOS: Will be using swiched on school house, not sure how much, but just a little..... Pretty sure I am going to trying it out with the 4th grade Science for my oldest son. My charter school will buy the science kit to go with this curriculum :)
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