Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am back from an amazing womens retreat and feeling great! (wish I could say the same about my hubby who has a cold and my kiddos who are not listening well today...)
Today we studied Mesopotamia, the Sumerians,  and Cuneiform. Some times I wonder if the kids are really listening to me when I read our history book??? They have a hard time sitting still and never seem to be paying attention, but they can always answer my questions at the end.

So AnyWho...being  wedFUNday we had to do something fun with our history, so cuneiform tablets it was :)
I couldn't find any real cuneiform letters that were translated from us to copy, so we made our own!

a real cuneiform tablet

Our tablets:

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Susan Evans said...

I love it! My kids also did cuneiform on clay recently, and so that the letters would stand out, we rubbed black paint on them.

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