Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Betty Crockerish

Todays blog title is in honor of my friend Heidi :)

So a awesome friend gave me 3 cases of peaches from the Harry and David fields. I gave one away to Heidi  (who is showing me up in the use of said peaches...) and started processing my boxes today.

Well, I got 4 batches of Peach freezer jam done

I don't think my first batch "jelled" all the way, but I am sure it will be yummy over vanilla ice cream! 

and I made a pie for tonight

the kids declared the pie to be "awesome" :) 

Oh ...I still have 1 1//4 cases to go through. I got a late start on them today, so hopefully more of them will end up in the freezer tomorrow. I want to make one more batch of jam (if I can find some more containers) and two or three pies for the freezer, then the rest I will peel slice and freeze in bags for smoothies. 

It felt good to "put up" some food today, this summer was so crazy that I haven't stored up any foods. I can't wait for freezer cooking this weekend! I had time today to get some prep work done for Saturday's cooking day. I made 14 cups of shredded chicken for the chicken enchiladas and made 2 1/2 gallons of chicken broth. 

Tomorrow is the first official day of the school year, I think I need to get to bed and rest! 


Jerry said...

So if I invite you guys over does that mean you will bring us a peach pie, lol. Jamee

teresamatz said...

I think I could arrange it :)

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