Thursday, April 21, 2011

a down day

Today seemed like a good day for the kids to have some "down" time. They are pretty cranky as we have had a long week and an even longer weekend, with a busy day ahead tomorrow. {C being awake at 3am laying on the bathroom floor complaining of cramps helped make the decision for me....he is fine tho} Its amazing how quickly they all finished their math assignments after learning it was the only required work today :)

The school year is almost over, kinda hard to believe. We accomplished way more than I ever imagined. And of course there are things I wish we would have got to...well maybe next year. I battled through the year, trying so hard to keep from using outside help with the girls and their learning. I have finally caved, and we are working on speech therapy for both of them. S completely bombed the hearing screening at the speech eval....ah, she is 8 and I never noticed that she couldn't hear me.... complete mom fail. I talked to her about it, yep she can't hear me... but kept it to herself because "I don't want a hearing aid". Well, want one or not, we are going to the audiologist. Hopefully its an easy fix, and hopefully it will  help her understanding of phonics some, when she can really hear them :) We have been through a lot of curriculum this year, hoping to find something that works for the girls. In fact I am currently waiting for the latest to show up....Hopefully this is the one. They have changed teachers, she has great experience working with their disabilities, so lets hope she picked out a book that will help. Poor L wants to read so badly, she tries so hard. This year has given me some great insights to the girls and their personalities. Before this year I really thought S was just being stubborn and rotten most of the time (well she is pretty stubborn) but now the reasons why she behaved this way during school make so much more sense. As the year comes to an end, I am sad that the kids didn't enjoy it as much as they could have. At the beginning of the year I did a much better job keep things fun for them. But the more we got going, and the more layers we peeled off the girls problems, the more over whelmed I became. I just had time to do the necessary stuff. I am going to try and plan some fun stuff to do before the year is over. Go out on a good note, hopefully.

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Kristal said... sorry to hear about you guys are going through currently but so happy to hear there is at least some resolution on the horizon. I just wanted to say that even though you may feel like you are somehow are an inspiration to me and many others I am sure. You are a wonderful mom and you do an amazing job with those 5 little blessings of yours! I love you Teresa and am thankful to know you. You inspire me in so many ways! Keep going!

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