Friday, April 22, 2011

The good

Just after I posted yesterday, I read a post from one of my face homeschool blogs...the post was about combatting end of the year blues ;)hmmmm..... Face palm! Okay so here goes. One of the suggestions was to focus on what you DID accomplish.

T finished 2 grades of science
T finished 2 grades of history
T is completely caught up on math
T aced all 4 of her oaks tests (state standards, reading, math, science & social studies)
T went from 4th grade language arts to finishing up 6th grade
T will be skipping 6th grade & starting jr high in the fall
T learned to play guitar & piano

L finished 1st & 2ng grade math, she is half way thourgh 3rd grade
L has learned a large # of site words mostly on her own
L has a huge drive to learn to reading & is practicing daily on short vowels
L has learned cursive
L has learned to use a computer & the Internet
L has learned to follow simple recipes and bake
L is taking a jr high- high school art class & doing very well

C has finished 2nd grade math & is half way through 3rd grade
C could not read @ the beginning of the year, he now read around a 6th or 7th grade level & is reading his first novel
C can spell like a madman, currently working @ 7th grade level
C is doing 5th grade vocabulary
C will be skipping 3rd grade & going to 4th in the fall
C is taking a jr high-high school drawing class & doing very well
C enjoys reading to his younger siblings

S has finished 1 grade math & is half way through 2nd grade
S is learning sight words
S has mastered short vowel sounds and some long vowel sounds
S has learned to use a computer and educational websites
S no longer cries at the thought of doing school ;)
S has taken responsibility for her chores & school work

B has finished 1st grade math & is half way through 2nd grade
B could not read in september, he is now reading chapter books. About 3rd grade level
B has started a spelling program & is doing well
B has learned to use a computer & educational websites
B is very motivated, quick and efficient with his daily school work
B will be skipping 2rd grade & starting 3rd in the fall

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Leila- All Meant To Shine said...

Hi! How on earth did you teach your "C" to read so well so quickly? My daughter struggles with reading so I would love any tips! She is 7 and in 1st grade. Thanks! Happy Easter!!

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