Thursday, September 2, 2010

dragging, but happy

okay, so the first week of school is totally kicking my butt! I have never been a morning person, 7am is normally when I am finally getting some really good sleep! So needless to say, getting up at 7am every morning has not been easy for me....but I am getting there. I am still trying to get a good schedule down with the kids, but for the most part it is going smoothly. And...I think they are really enjoying themselves this year :) during their 1hr lunch break both Liz and Grace rushed through lunch and then asked permission to go back to their schoolwork, and then Taylor chose to do another 90mins of (math) after she was done with all her work for the day.  I do need to find away to work in some more outside time for the youngest 3, I took them grocery shopping after school today and they were bouncing off the walls.

Here they are, happily at work

Praying that it continues to go smoothly, and that thinks really click for the youngest 4 this year...especially Liz. CJ is just whizzing through his math, and keeps asking for more :) and Benny is such a happy worker. I am so blessed!

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Amy C said...

Wowsers. Darcy has been using Aleks for a year and a half regularly and occasionally before that. But she barely lives through her 20 minutes or so a day!

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