Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moon Sand in the Garden of Eden

I went to the store to buy some play-dough for our history project {making Adam, and then using his side to make Eve} I had the play-dough in my cart....and then I spied moon sand! I thought...."how cool, sand! Just like "the dust of the earth" that Adam was formed from......" and the package claimed..."no mess, easy to clean up, tons of fun" I was hooked :) 

Well, its not as mess free as it claims, and its crazy hard to form {which in itself went well with the lesson, we are not God, so forming a man from sand should be hard for us :)} 
So the kiddos had a blast.... and the mess cleaned up fairly fast! While, if given the choice of moon sand or play-dough on my next shopping spree I would go with the latter, though moon sand was a great choice for todays lesson!

Here's Dad reading to us Genesis 2-3 while the kiddos make man

Taylor and her People

Benny's people and their garden (see the flowers)

CJs people

Grace's people, and her messy hands :)

Lizzie's people, standing on the serpent :)

Go buy your kids some moon sand! 

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Pam said...

Your blog is very nice. I am following your blog and found it from THL. Thanks for sharing. I am passing on to you the "One Lovely Blog Award". I look forward to reading more from you.

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