Wednesday, September 29, 2010

yummy science :)

We have been studying the Sun with Apologia Science. This week is our experiment week. The Official name of the experiment is "Magnifying the Sun" but the kids call it "melty chocolate bars" hehe. Science is so much better when it is both fun and yummy! So the kids used magnifying glasses to melt candy bars with sunbeams, they had to decide whether a large sunbeam (glass far from chocolate) or a small sunbeam (glass close to chocolate) would melt the candy bar. There was of course a "control" candy bar sitting in the sun to test non-magnified melting time {I sacrificed and ate the control for them :) }

I would tell you the results...but I think you should try it for yourself.... :)

setting up the experiment

the chocolate melters

looking for a sunbeam

found one

melty success 

oh, was I supposed to melt this???

Holey candy bar

happy with her results

how to eat a melty candy bar :)

Yum yum! Love Science! 

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