Monday, September 27, 2010

the monday blahs....

Is it just me or are Mondays the hardest day to homeschool??? I'm tired, the kids are dragging, taking extra long with their lessons. We need a serious kick in the pants on Monday mornings. Not sure if we need to change our Monday morning routine, or just truck along hoping it gets better {like we get used to it...} Sundays are hard on us so we often start an hour late, by the looks of the zombies in my class room we should have done that today!

{I miss my bed this morning...}


Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

totally, if i were you, i'd make it a routine to start late, if not just plain do a half day!

Heidi said...

We always get a let start Mondays too. I just plan on it so it's not so frustrating. :) Maybe if your friends didn't keep you so busy on Sundays..... :)

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