Wednesday, September 22, 2010

where in the world are the matz monkeys?

Ah, the hectic joys of being a homeschooler :) So where in the world (school) have we been? We have been studying the Sun, Noah and the flood, making art collages, watching fiddler on the roof, with a little math, grammar and phonics thrown in.
I have been researching how to teach a right-brained thinker....this year is full of new experiences. The world of APD (audio processing disorder) Dyslexia and Dysgraphia is cloudy and hard to grasp. So many claim to have just the right program to help my kids.... How do I know which really is the right one? Well, it will be through trail and error, with lots of prayer. We are starting HERE .  Hopefully our new reading program will be here soon. At this point I am totally up for suggestions, does anyone know what I should be doing???

Well, in the mean time, we have been learning! The boys just mastered the first level of Hooked on Phonics for this year, L just mastered a whole grade level of math and is excited to move on, She also decoded and read a book for her ES yesterday.....a tough feat for a kids with APD, she is SOOO proud :)

S had a sick day yesterday and in between naps had fun making collages with found objects.

T is working on a timeline of Noah and the flood

we started a timeline for this years Mystery of History, not quite a masterpiece, but we are having fun :)

We are enjoying the solar system with Apologia, currently we are studying the Sun

I am determined to make this year fun for all of the kids. I cried for 2 days after getting L and S tested for learning disabilities, then I woke up and realized that God didn't make a mistake on either of them, the are perfectly how he created them, and just how I love them! I never want them to feel dumb or behind, just loved, nurtured and creative. Seriously what could be better than being a right-brained thinker :) 


Whitney @ Coupon Wonder Mom said...

I know it's not completely the same but we were told Abby had a speech delay when she was 2. I was heart broken! I cried and cried because I thought all was lost for her. Thankfully a year of speech therapy helped her get past it. Like I said, I know it's not the same issue, but it is the same feeling when someone tells you there is something "wrong" with one of your little ones. I love how you see it though... God made them PERFECTLY in His image! Amen to that. :)

Wendie said...

I just saw this morning that you had joined Life In The Fishbowl, and so I jumped over to your blog! I also have a dd recently diagnosed with dyslexia. She was 10 when we finally diagnosed it. I know just how you feel! (Even trusting fully in God's sovereignty, tears are on my cheeks as I read this post!) We have been working with the Davis Dyslexia group ( and it has been like a miracle for our daughter! She just tested a little AHEAD of where she should be in reading!!!! It was a an all-family sacrifice to put her throught the program (it's expensive) but it has been worth it time and again! I could go on and on about it, but if you want to know more, drop me a line through Life in The Fishbowl....
Wendie Sprague

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